Accelerated Vision

Overland Park, KS
Full Design/Documentation
Status: Completed

A suburban office building built in the 80’s is the new home for a start-up medical software company. Accelerated Vision completely cleaned out half of a floor to give this dated building a new life. 8,000 s.f. of open office space was designed around two challenges: Create a space that is open, quiet and clean with hidden technology and secondly houses exquisite pieces from the CEO’s private modern art collection.

This white-tech-gallery provides an open environment for focused and team collaboration both in unique ways. This space has become a standout example of how dated suburban buildings can recreate themselves on the inside and compete with the more modern options of Kansas City’s downtown core. blkbrd’s scope included interior architecture and custom casework, doors and walls, custom furniture, and european furniture procurement.

*designed while principals at previous firm