We established Blackbird Design Studio in 2013, bringing together 18 years of shared project experiences in the Midwest. We are a smaller studio environment with a passion for innovative design. We’re not afraid to blur the edges of architecture, interior design and product design, and give full attention to our clients and projects.

We are SMIG.

We are a (sm)all studio with b(ig) ideas...we call that being SMIG. Our project experience is SMIG too, having designed and created some of the largest projects in our region, as well as some of the more intimate pockets of goodness. We are focused and personally connected to every project we create. We keep it SMIG.

We are innovative.

Our design solutions are inventive and specific to the project; unique one-of-a-kind creations that embody the character of the client and their environment. We continually refine our designs, holding the initial ideas intact, keeping them true and original.

We are authentic.

Our profession is hard…but not really. We choose to make it easy, loose and fun. Why not, we love what we do. We have a genuine passion for discovery, a passion for what is next, and for what is about to come out of our minds and pencils. We are an open book, one filled with authentic innovation…and SMIG.